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Prototyping a Mobile App

About This Project

Prototyping an Evacuation Management Mobile App

Meraki Design worked with FastEvac, an EvoNexus startup to build their UX Strategy. The team is trying to solve a critical workplace problem – Safe and simple evacuations. The approach involved the following steps:

  1. User Research
    1. Document the lean Canvas with stakeholders
    2. User Interviews with coordinators to capture current experience
    3. User Profiles of primary audience
  2. Brainstorming a solution using whiteboard sessions + Balsamiq
  3. Build a clickable prototype to review the solution
  4. Test the solution with pilot users to gather feedback


Key Results

During an evacuation, it is likely that a user is under high level of stress. With an iterative prototype and test method of product development, we were able to consistently refine the interaction to be simple and straightforward.

UX Design