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Mobile App Website

About This Project

FastEvac is a startup that is part of the Evonexus incubator based out of Orange County. The founder was looking for a complete redesign of their current website to demonstrate the need for a disaster management mobile app – especially in large facilities where it is difficult to coordinate employees during drills or disasters. Read an interview from the founder here.

Meraki Design worked with FastEvac to prepare some illustrations that answers the question  – Why FastEvac? All illustrations were executed on Illustrator and Photoshop. We went through 2 design layouts in different color schemes – blue and yellow. The FE team sought feedback from the people in coffee shop, friends and family. Based on the feedback, Meraki design worked on iterations until we arrived at the final design. The website was built by Meraki Design using WordPress.

Another area that Meraki provided a consult on is the UI Design for the mobile app. Based on the vision of the founder, I was able to create a screen that shows the functionality of the app. The screen was ultimately used on the home page. Check out their website.



Services Offered

Logo Design, UI Design, Website Development

UI Design, Web Development