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Improving User experience on a Realtor’s website

Sitemaps and Wireframes


Simplifying Information architecture

Ruth Krishnan is in the top 2% of San Francisco’s real estate agents. With a background in interior design and business, Ruth Krishnan brings an artistic eye, strong negotiation and business skills to the arena of real estate sales. Potential buyer and sellers look to her website to learn more about her philosophy and understand San Francisco’s unique real estate market.

Ruth Krishnan turned to Meraki Design to update their existing, overly complex information architecture and redesign the user interface. The goal: focus on identifying crucial information that a buyer/seller is looking for and make every step of that process easy.


Emphasizing goals 

Our work started with documenting the current IA and analyzing the content in each one of these pages. After conversations with clients, RK was able to give us direction on the questions that she is faced with when she meets a potential buyer/seller. While a majority of the audience was looking for information about Ruth and the real estate process, more and more people were skewing towards learning more about the neighborhoods and market updates. 

After many rounds of discussion, we arrived at an information architecture that is functional. We began to work on the wireframes for each one of the pages. 



To create a more user-friendly website, we started creating concepts that were more inline with how people think of their homes.

A home is more than four walls. It is where our lives happen.

To make access to information incredibly simple for a new user, we created a home page that give users basic pieces of information from different pages. Reviewing the home page provides a starting point for the user and provides recommendations on other things to look forward to in the website.

The end goal was to come up with a structure/design that balances the users’ desires with the business’s needs. This means we had to:

  • Assure visitor’s they’re in the right place (always make it clear where they are).
  • Make it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for (clear navigation, search etc).
  • Make sure visitors know what their options are (links like “Property Search”, “SF Market Updates”).



Wireframes for two of the main pages are shared below. To view a list of all the wireframes, click on the button below.

Download UX Design Docs